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Field Management Made Easy

The ARES PRISM Field Management module, PRISM Field, has been redesigned to simplify the way you track project progress. New features have been added to enhance both the Field Management and Reporting capabilities. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Simplification of Progress Tracking: All progress tracking now occurs against specific progress accounts. The Field Management module redesign comes with additional sub-panes and provides more information at your fingertips than ever before.
  • Punch Lists: Do you have a list of action items that are required to complete a progress item? A new sub-pane has been added to progress accounts to allow the recording of punch list items.
  • Field Meetings: Now you can record field meetings directly in ARES PRISM. Attendees and minutes can be recorded and affected progress items, changes, and even external document can be attached.
  • Safety Incidents: Recording safety incidents just became easier. You can simply record injuries, incidents, and even weather conditions along with any actions that need to be taken. Safety first!
  • Field Pictures: Connect pictures and other documents from the field to PRISM. Files with a picture format (BMP, JPG, etc.) will be displayed as thumbnails to give you a quick look at how your project is progressing.
  • Bid Documents: Easily associate bid documents to progress accounts.
  • New Definition Forms: We have added several new definition forms such as inspection, meeting purposes, safety infraction types, injury types, and field staff.

Learn more about our field progressing software here.