Introducing Contruent:

the fresh, new name for a company with a long and distinguished history

Contruent is the premier capital project management software solution that empowers owners and EPCs to build large construction projects with precision and speed. Contruent is faster to deliver across the project lifecycle because it integrates cost and scheduling and comes project-ready out-of-the box with 25 years of best practices built in. The result is higher accuracy, speed, and cost efficiency. Founded in 1994 as ARES PRISM and renamed with the launch of an innovative SaaS platform, Contruent operates in 26 countries and is now headquartered in Naperville, IL.

Construction site with cranes and heavy equipment in view

+ true = Contruent

Mega construction—the world’s biggest builds—are the projects for which our software is designed.

And truth is absolutely essential for such projects, where the slightest variance from accuracy and precision can have significant financial and reputational consequences.

Contruent Enterprise software serves as the single source of truth through the entire construction project lifecycle.

New name, newly defined mission

Our new mission statement proudly declares our brand’s promise to the capital construction industry.

We empower decision-makers to build our world’s infrastructure with precision and speed.

Contruent’s experienced team of capital construction professionals and software development experts apply their decades of industry leadership to the success of your construction project, from deployment through completion and realization of vision.

Contruent Enterprise is faster to deliver for these essential industries