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Capital Project Management for Infrastructure & Transportation

Rail and infrastructure organizations aim to improve user experiences whether by improving journey times, offering better connections, or increasing capacity to match growing populations. With projects this massive, complex and often under the public’s scrutiny, strategic approaches need to be taken– there needs to be a high level of confidence in the decisions being made, changes need to be effectively managed and progressed; keeping track of those changes and understanding their impact can be the difference between the program’s success and failure.


Digitizing the Rail & Infrastructure Industry

Contruent Enterprise is designed to help rail and infrastructure organizations, whether they are government funded or not, successfully manage their infrastructure projects, programs, and portfolio. Infrastructure and rail agencies and organizations benefit from the ability to monitor construction risks at the portfolio level and drill down into the project level that Contruent provides.

Contruent supports building information modeling (BIM), can integrate organization’s current software and share information and communication between programs bi-directionally, and harnesses the sheer abundance of project data to report digestible insights for various levels, giving teams real-time data to measure progress and performance. 

Our project management software helps rail and infrastructure teams to confidently and effectively manage and control project cost and schedule, so that they are delivered on-time and on budget.

Common Challenges for Infrastructure & Transportation Organizations

  • Manage approvals of many project changes per period
  • Building to increase connectivity
  • Increasing capacity
  • Project teams are dispersed in multiple offices
  • Reducing overcrowding
  • Disintegrated cost and schedule

Contruent is the Standard for UK Rail Projects, Managing more than $50 Billion in Scope

Contruent is being utilized by top infrastructure, rail, and airport organizations all across the globe on major projects, including HS2, Crossrail, RTD, TFL, London Underground, Network Rail, Abu Dhabi Airport, Houston Intercontinental Airport, Mexico Airport, Dubai Expo 2020 and more.


Solving Rail & Infrastructure
Project Problems

Implementing Contruent capital project management software provides infrastructure & rail organizations with game-changing benefits to deliver projects on time and on budget:

Increased Confidence in Data Integrity and Calculations

Improved Accuracy and Foresight in Reporting Capability

Produce Executive Reports in 5 Days from Months-End

Increased Transparency and Effectiveness in Budget Tracking

Contingency Tracking and Change Management with Audit Trail

Streamlined Integration Between Cost and Schedule

Making the cultural shift to Contruent has allowed us to get a much more integrated view. It’s a significant benefit and we sometimes forget that benefit because it has become so inherent in what we do. It’s like having a smartphone. You take it for granted and forget what life was ever like without one!

Guy Phillips

Head of Programme Controls, Transport for London

Improve your Project Controls Strategy

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