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Capital Construction Project Management Software

Contruent is used by EPC firms as the gold standard for construction cost control software. For Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firms, projects are constantly increasing in size and scope while competition keeps margins thin. In one moment, a project that was running smoothly can be thrown off schedule and go over budget — leaving project changes to erode those margins even further.

Without comprehensive cost control, troubled construction projects can spiral out of control before anyone even recognizes a problem exists. Consequently, engineering and construction firms are faced with mounting pressure to adopt stringent project cost and earned value management processes to enable complete project transparency. Contruent’s capital project management software is a trusted EPC software solution.

AECOM was able to reduce their project controls cost per project by 25 percent from 2014 to 2016 through a combination of process improvement and system implementation, of which Contruent was a big part.
Craig Boudreau

Director of Project Controls, Oil & Gas Division, AECOM

Common Challenges for Mining Organizations

  • The industry is slower to adopt and embrace digital technologies that can help them function more efficiently
  • Lack of transparency in stakeholder relationships and organizational data silos
  • Improving forecasting and structuring decentralized data
  • Analyzing and managing project data to make significant operational improvements to mining
  • Overcoming innovation barriers
  • Shifting from risk assurance to the anticipation of emerging risks

20 Years of Experience Partnering with EPCs

Contruent EPC construction management software works with top global engineering and construction firms to improve their project management throughout the project lifecycle, from initial engineering through to construction and handoff. After more than 20 years, Contruent is used on numerous projects across large, multi-disciplinary engineering and construction companies including AECOM, Laing O’Rourke, URS, and Chiyoda.


Solving EPC Firm’s Problems: The Benefits of Capital Project Management Software

Integrate with Other Software and Systems Already in Use

Provide Multiple Forecasts for Cost and Earned Value

Implementation of Contruent is Far Faster than the Competition

Graphically Analyze and Report across an Organization

Easily and Effectively Manage Budgets and Baselines

Utilize Built-In Earned Value Management Standards

Project Data Integrity and Trustworthy Calculations for Decision-Making

Transparency and Tailored Reports for Every Level and Stakeholder

Shift from risk assurance to the anticipation of emerging risks

This system totally aligns with our business model and vision moving forward to become ‘best-in-class/excellence in PC’. In the modern construction world, data management and integration leveraging modern technology is required to deliver successful projects. We believe Contruent is a key piece of that journey towards achieving our goal.
Steven Bird

Head of Planning & Project Controls, Laing O'Rourke Australia

Improve your Project Controls Strategy

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Project Management Solutions for All Construction Projects

Cost Management

Laing O’Rourke’s Partnership with Contruent

Laing O’Rourke, a leading firm in the construction industry, transformed its project management efficiency and labor cost forecasting by implementing Contruent’s software, leading to an 80% reduction in the time required for calculating labor forecast costs. This shift enabled more accurate, real-time data processing, integrated project controls and streamlined reporting — enhancing their ability to manage complex projects with a lean team and boosting overall confidence in project outcomes.

Cost Management

AECOM’s Partnership with Contruent

AECOM, a global Engineering and Construction Company, transformed its project management processes by implementing Contruent, leading to a 25% reduction in project costs, enhanced data integration and improved scalability and efficiency. Through this integration, AECOM overcame challenges associated with disintegrated data and inconsistent reporting — streamlining operations and fostering standardization across its large-scale projects.