Case Study

State Nuclear Power Engineering Company – Dependable EAC Forecasts & Increased Productivity

About State Nuclear Power Engineering Company

This case study shares how State Nuclear Power Engineering Company used PRISM to improve productivity. SNPEC was able to integrate cost & schedule, create dependable forecasts, effectively produce reports, and meet Earned Value Management standards.


Utilities (Nuclear)

Shanghai, China




  • Coordinating budget & schedule
  • Evaluating project cost performance
  • Forecasting Estimate At Completion
  • Formulating Budget Execution Variance


Implement integrated project lifecycle management software that:

  • Aligns the budget and schedule
  • Generates Performance Management Baseline
  • Meets Earned Value Management standards
  • Accurately forecasts Estimate At Completion
  • Provides robust reporting capabilities


  • Integrated cost and schedule
  • Dependable forecasts
  • Effective reporting and data analysis
  • Time saved since project cost control team is much more efficient and productive

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With Contruent Enterprise, we can create the relationship between the project cost and schedule and create a performance measurement baseline by time-phasing the project budget to reporting periods.

Lin Li

Project Control Department Manager, SPIC