Case Study

Doubled Efficiency of Month-End Reporting Process at Large Utilities Organization


This case study shares how a large utilities organization in Asia-Pacific used PRISM to manage a multi-billion dollar project. The company was able to reduce time spent on monthly reporting by 50% while creating consistent, error-free reports.




  • Short time frame for month end reporting
  • Errors in data from Excel
  • Inconsistent processes
  • Uncontrolled data and changes


Implement integrated project lifecycle management software that:

  • Acts as a one-stop shop for reporting, change management, analysis, and general data storage
  • Easily and quickly creates standardized reports
  • Enables introduction of consistent processes
  • Integrates with other project management tools
  • Is user friendly and easy to learn


  • Less time spent on creating month end reports, allowing more time for analysis
  • Trusted, transparent source of data
  • Turnaround time cut in half
  • Streamlined processes

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“In comparison to Excel, PRISM was a breath of fresh air in terms of its project management capabilities.”

Large Utilities Organization in Asia-Pacific