RFP Management & Bid Analysis

Transform contract administration and streamline the RFP process

Contruent Enterprise enables users to manage Request for Proposal (RFPs), conduct bid analysis, invoice and pay contractors, and award committed contracts. Whether you are an Owner, EPC or Construction Management firm, our solution will bring organizational value through automation of the RFP process, improved bid analysis and a real-time view of contract activity.

Transforming contract administration from previously manual processes into a streamlined approach, organizing vendor and bid management and enhancing communication across your team results in projects being delivered on time and on budget.

Streamline the RFP process

Transform contract control

Improve bid analysis

RFP Management & Bid Analysis

Manage change through negotiation and approval

Contruent Enterprise houses a contractor database at the enterprise level and the database stores key contractor details like ID numbers, products, services offered, and contract information. When a project organization creates an RFP, they can create a list of needed items or tasks as Pay Items. Bidding contractors then fill in their pricing for the described items and quantities and contract managers add bidders from the contractor database. Once RFPs are received back from the contractors who are bidding, the contract administrator can update Contruent Enterprise with the received proposals’ data.

Invoicing & Paying Contractors

Track progress to determine earned payment amounts

Contruent Enterprise is outfitted with an invoicing module that allows awarded contractors to be paid when they complete tasks or when items are received. A progress claim that references a percent complete of the work done can be submitted. Via the Contractor Portal, contractors and vendors can access their contract pay items.

Awarding Contracts

Collect contract bids, perform bid analysis, and award contracts

Contract managers are able to award contracts. The contract system copies the winning contractor’s data and updates their award status. The system generates a letter of award from the previously entered data. Likewise, letters of regret can be created and auto-populated for the losing contractors. Since Contruent Enterprise is an integrated system with both cost and contract management capabilities, committed costs within the newly awarded contract can be compared to the project’s estimated project costs.

Efficiently manage project controls and bring order to contract chaos

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  • Phases of contract management
  • Differences between contract managers and project managers
  • Why contract management is important
  • Contract management challenges
  •  Benefits to a contract management system