Extend Visibility Project- & Portfolio-Wide

Faster to ERP integration and data orchestration

How can I get real-time visibility across the multiple projects in my portfolio? What’s the best way to track the health and performance of each project so I’m not blindsided by the unexpected? How do I promote a common structure that’s shared across all projects?

The questions grow more complex and the consequences become exponentially greater as you move from project management to portfolio management.

But with Contruent Enterprise and the Extend Visibility Project- and Portfolio-Wide add-on module, the solution is simple: automated enterprise portfolio reporting with real-time data providing a single source of truth that extends across an entire portfolio, no matter how large.

You retain the flexibility to define project-by-project specific configurations that roll up to the portfolio level. And the Contruent Enterprise solution scales with you as your projects succeed, your portfolio expands and your reputation continues to grow.

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Easy integration with ERP systems

Contruent Enterprise integrates with your ERP or legacy systems (including Oracle, SAP, IBM, Procore, ServiceMax and more) in a very granular manner. Contruent provides an 80 percent integration solution (common to the vast majority of needs) right out of the box, allowing you to customize the remaining 20 percent of data to the specific needs of your work processes to optimize your ERP integration.

We needed a consistent project and portfolio management environment to improve global operations for a competitive advantage in the global EPC market.


Dynamic projects need advanced data orchestration

Your capital construction projects are highly complex and dynamic, requiring a tremendous amount of information subject to a range of factors. Manual project control processes are cost-intensive and failure-prone and cannot deliver the data flexibility and accessibility demanded by dynamic projects. Your projects need the automated data orchestration available from Contruent Enterprise.

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