Account for Change and Maximize Efficiency

Faster to audit compliance, change management and workflow efficiency

Are all the contractors on my project aware of the most recent changes? Do they know exactly what steps are to be taken as a result? And which projects in my portfolio are in danger of contract overspend?

Take the guesswork out of change management with Contruent Enterprise, the capital project management software solution that allows you to proactively manage contract spending with the most robust change management engine available.

You’ll be able to see and understand where the data is pointing and anticipate potential changes.
And you can facilitate transparency across all parties for better project control through increased awareness, improved decision-making and enhanced compliance.

Reduce contract overspending due to improper change management


average annual reduction in contract overspend


in savings per $500M in annual contract overspend

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Track cost and schedule changes with a certified audit trail

Contruent Enterprise change management capabilities deliver a complete and auditable system for tracking cost and schedule changes to your project’s baseline and forecast. You get complete traceability from period to period for budget, forecasting, funding and more.

Centralize change management for a single source of truth

Structured change management processes and procedures are essential to the success of a project and the profitability of an organization. With Contruent Enterprise, all changes are tracked and can be traced back to a single source of truth. Risk is reduced while communication, decision-making, transparency, and compliance are optimized.

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Contruent is a no-brainer because it cuts down a lot of the time that is spent in developing and implementing project controls once the information is in the system. Having a system like Contruent to work with when we’re setting up projects really helps streamline our effort and saves time.


Reduce the cost and effort of workflow management

Contruent Enterprise allows you to initiate a sequence of approval events whenever you define a change. You build the lists of approvers, assigning specific roles and defining the level of approval. Other project controls solutions may require you to develop workflows from scratch, which can be time-consuming and expensive. The workflows built right into Contruent Enterprise are much easier to configure and far less costly to maintain.