Custom Reports

Better manage projects at every stage with out-of-the-box reports

Contruent Enterprise comes with more than 200 out-of-the-box standard reports for projects, programs, and portfolios. Reporting on task, activity, and project progress for progress and performance measurement is critical for knowing if a project is on target throughout its lifecycle. Running reports to assess whether projects are hitting specified criteria, targets, and/or benchmarks, lets project managers know immediately if a project is over or under-performing, which enables organizations to make better decisions faster.

Solution capabilities

With more than 200 standard reports to choose from, your organization will gain visibility into all stages of your projects using one source of truth:

  • Executive Summary
  • Cost & Comparison Report
  • Time-Phased Report
  • Estimate at Completion (EAC) Report
  • Histogram & S-Curves
  • Performance Report
  • Period Actuals Report
  • Change Management Report
  • Commitments Report
  • Staff Planning Report
  • Physical Progress Report
  • Baseline Budget Details Report

Reduce time required for month-end reporting

Improve data integrity and accuracy with standardization

Free up time for high-value added data analysis

Customize reporting to meet your team’s unique requirements

Contruent Enterprise has a report writer built-in that can be used by organizations to create custom reports. With an all-new graphical interface “drag and drop” feature, users are able to create new reports faster and easier. Simply start with one of the twelve most popular cost reports and customize according to your organization’s requirements.

  • Cost and Comparison #1
  • Cost and Comparison #2
  • Cost and Comparison Detail #1
  • Cost and Comparison Detail #2
  • Period Actuals
  • Actuals History #1
  • Actuals History #2
  • Productivity
  • Productivity and Performance
  • Performance
  • Performance Index
  • Time Phased Performance

Personalize reports to change styles and data formats

Publish reports for use by individual or all projects

Create custom calculations to provide analysis of the data

We use Contruent to monitor, track, and forecast cost, progress and changes during all phases of our projects. We update actual costs, progress and schedule data on a monthly basis and produce a forecast for the current phase along with project reports.

Sandip Dhanani

Lead Controller, Covestro

90% Time Savings & Increased Reliability through Digital Transformation at Covestro

Explore how Covestro, the world’s largest high-tech polymer material suppliers, utilizes Contruent as a part of a global corporate digitalization strategy. Covestro required a centralized single source of truth to standardize project control practices across its project portfolio, increase consistency of its reporting, and further increase forecast accuracy. With Contruent, they were able to save time on data collection and validation, implement a structured and integrated approach across all projects and regions, and increase reliability.