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Contruent offers many engaging training courses, beginning with the fundamentals and moving all the way up to advanced cost management. Through our expert-led training courses, you and your team will become adept at navigating the Contruent platform so that you can achieve your business goals.


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Training Courses

Fundamentals Training

This course is required for any new user of Contruent, regardless of the components the user plans to work with. It includes a variety of topics to train the user on; navigating the interface and explaining common ways to input, modify, import/export, and report data. It also explains some shared features between components, which include coding and reporting periods.

Advanced Fundamentals Training

This course is required for anyone who will be performing administrative functions such as assigning User permissions or maintaining database connections, or anyone performing enterprise functions such as creating projects or developing enterprise definitions. This training is also necessary if you intend on generating Enterprise Reports, creating snapshots of project data, using shared utilities, or creating new reports using the Report Writer.

Cost Management Training

This course is necessary for anyone utilizing Cost Management within the Contruent platform. It provides a fundamental overview of Earned Value Management and how Contruent performs earned value and cost management tasks. It describes the baselining process of a project using three distinctly different methods. It details the monthly monitoring and analysis processes used for status and progress, to apply changes to the baseline, to calculate performance and variances, and to determine the projects’ forecast. This training also discusses the process to implement multiple currency projects.

Advanced Cost Management Training

This course is necessary for anyone utilizing the more advanced features of Cost Management. It provides an understanding of how to plan a project using the Staffing Plan process, and how to develop costs from Staffing Plans or Resource-loaded Schedules using Rates and Multipliers. It describes the Funding and Escalation processes, and it describes how to include additional data though the use of User-defined Amount fields.

Engineering Training

This course is necessary for anyone managing engineering tasks and deliverables in Contruent. It includes a process overview and application of Engineering Management: process introduction, process setup, documentation and tasks, progress, and status and document control process. This training course includes Equipment & Materials training. Learn how to generate a bill of materials, create purchase requisitions, and assign equipment or materials directly to purchase orders.

Procurement Training

This course is necessary for anyone creating requests for quotation and purchase orders. It provides you with a necessary understanding of how the procurement process works, developing requests for proposals, monitoring and tracking purchase orders, and having procured items shipped for installation in the field. This training course includes both Invoicing Management and Equipment & Materials training

Contracts Training

This course is necessary for anyone who will be accessing Contruent Contracts. It includes administration setup, RFP, bid analysis and contract award, trends and change orders, contract tracking and reporting. This training course includes Invoice Management training. Learn how to track invoices and payments associated with purchase orders and contracts in Contruent.

Field Management Training

This course is necessary for anyone who will be accessing Contruent Field Management. The Field Management training provides an overview of how to status and track quantities and hours for Field activities using Progress Accounts and Progress Items. Field Management also offers the Field Progressing mobile application that can be used to enter progress directly from the job site and have it seamlessly imported into Contruent for fast and accurate reporting.

Making the cultural shift to Contruent has allowed us to get a much more integrated view. It’s a significant benefit and we sometimes forget that benefit because it has become so inherent in what we do. It’s like having a smartphone. You take it for granted and forget what life was ever like without one!

Guy Phillips

Head of Programme Controls, Transport for London