Estimating & BIM

Increase accuracy and consistency with 5D+ BIM cost estimating

Contruent Enterprise is designed for organizations that require consistency and centralization of estimates and estimating data. Users can create conceptual estimates for feasibility studies resulting in a range of detailed estimates that help to win work and develop sound budgets.

Work collaboratively on estimates and databases

One system covering all estimate classes

Eliminate risk by aligning estimate and schedule


  • Faster conceptual & detailed estimates
  • Increase accuracy & consistency
  • New estimators are more productive
  • Increase departmental collaboration
  • Conduct “what if” scenarios
  • Built-in interfaces with knowledge bases NODOC, RSMeans, Richardsons
  • Consistency in the estimates can be achieved
Project Cost Estimating Software
Project Cost Estimating Software

5D+ BIM Cost Estimating

Improve accuracy and efficiency with 5D Building Information Modeling (BIM). The smart-linking of individual 3D components or assemblies with time and schedule constraints delivers 4D BIM, and further integrating it with cost-related information results in 5D BIM.

  • Full take-off done using 2D and 3D Models – structural & architectural
  • Reduce take-off effort by up to 75% (from 10-12 people to only 2-3)
  • Decrease take-off time up to 80% (from 0.5-1 day instead of a week)
  • Repeatable and consistent shape of BOQs
  • Transparent and accessible source of project information
  • Multiple views and workflows to fit individual needs

Estimate cost and carbon within a single platform

Contruent is leading the way in project cost and carbon estimation and tracking. Projects’ and programs’ carbon emissions can be estimated and measured⁠—and thereby improved and delivered upon⁠—with Contruent’s carbon add-on. Carbon assessments are produced back-to-back with costs, ensuring they wholly reflect the exact same scope as costs. Both carbon and cost assessments are now produced via a highly integrated and automated process, rather than two separate siloes.

Estimating and tracking the carbon and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of your construction and capital projects is now as easy as estimating and tracking project cost data. With Contruent, you can automate and simplify the estimation, management, and reporting of GHG and energy usage data.



  • Improves competitive advantage
  • Increases productivity and reduces project costs
  • Increases regulation or mandate compliance
  • Attracts employees and investors
  • Satisfies shareholders

Provide cost figures for stakeholders within seconds

Perform benchmarking, project history recording, and project analysis with the Cost Modeling add-on. Project data is linked to maps and user-set categories, allowing you to easily bring historical cost data to various reference points. Benchmarks can be created in mere seconds to provide cost figures to stakeholders from project history.

Project Cost Estimating Software

With Contruent, we have been able to reduce the effort to track down and fix formula errors in our previous estimate worksheets. This, we believe, has saved us up to 10% of our estimating man-hours.

Ade Oyetunji

Manager of Estimating, GULF Companies

Standardization, Improved Productivity, and 10% Reduction in Estimating Man-hours at GULF Companies

This case study explores how GULF Companies, a project management, engineering and construction management company, utilizes Contruent’s estimating capabilities to improve standardization, quality control and reduce estimating man-hours. GULF Companies no longer has to deal with a labor intensive validation process or insufficient quality control in estimates. They have standardized setup and reporting which has increased productivity especially on large projects with multiple facilities.