Data Orchestration

Automatically integrate data from multiple sources in a many-to-one approach

Delivering enterprise-grade integration, business process automation, and data synchronization solutions, Contruent has the power and versatility to support a wide range of business processes and data synchronization scenarios.

With Contruent, you take the business processes that you want, and our integration platform makes them happen using the proper triggers and workflows. It is flexible and scalable. With the new seamless integration, your project controls team will no longer need to worry about fiddling with manual export/import to get your data mapped correctly – eliminating the chance of errors.

Quickly adapt to ever-changing technologies

Improve the consistency and reliability of your data

Reduce the time needed for cost analysis cycles


  • Simplify the design and integration process by separating business logic from integration technology.
  • Make changes to prototype business models without affecting actual business or technology layers
  • Create seamless connections with enterprise applications deployed on any hardware or database technology
  • Facilitate the data flow that supports your business goals with user-friendly, code-free tools like wizards, drag-and-drop, and tables
  • Instantly connect multiple endpoints and nodes
Young businesswoman using a laptop while working in her home office

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  • Create a uniform singular interface across all applications
  • Pre-built and certified adaptors to leading IT and ERP systems
  • Increase business performance and efficiency
  • Code-free integration in real-time