Contractor Portal

Collaborate across project teams with the Contractor Portal

The Contractor Portal provides external contractors with limited, secure access to key information, creating a collaborative link between project controls and commercial teams. Through the portal, contractors can download progress claims, update them and submit them for review by contract administrators.

Upon the progress claim values’ approval, they are committed in Contruent and each pay item has a percent complete calculation and a link to a Control Account. Cost Controllers can leverage the contractors progress claim within the system to generate their percent complete and ACWP/VOWD value; providing a robust dataset from which the delivery team can generate reports, analysis and variance explanations.

Save administrative time and improve cash flow

Increase visibility of all contractor activity

Reduce redundant and manual data entry

Owner benefits

  • Grant data entry rights to multiple contractors so clients can increase efficiency with their workforce
  • Replace manual entry, reducing margin for error and speeding up the process
  • Secure and controlled access so that contractors see only what they need to see
  • Traceable and visible governance process for approvals
Contractor logging into a portal via his laptop
Contractor entering data on her laptop computer

Contractor benefits

  • Control how quickly their data gets into the client system
  • Give visibility to the client’s governance flow and the progression of contractor claims
  • Reduce costs with less manual entry
  • Speed claims processing time which improves cash flow

Contruent enabled us to bring all of our project data together in one place for optimal reporting and performance measurement.

Neil Burlison

Director of Finance, ARTC Inland Rail

Powerful innovation & integration at Australia’s largest freight rail infrastructure project

ARTC implemented Contruent, a robust project management tool, for cost management, collaboration with contractors, and integration of existing systems. Using Contruent, they have seen a reduction in month-end processes, enhanced approvals tracking, increased data integrity from cleansed and simplified data structures, integrated data from multiple sources into one centralized system, and improved visibility of spend, change and forecasts at a project and program level.