Change Management

Effectively manage change to stay on time and on budget

Structured change management processes and procedures are imperative for the success of a project and an organization. Change management helps support communication between all stakeholders within an organization and fosters better project control via transparency, increased awareness, better decision-making, time saved and improved compliance.

Contruent Enterprise enables all project changes to be tracked and traced back to a single source of truth. Our enterprise change management solution provides organizations with a complete and auditable system for tracking cost and schedule changes to the project’s baseline and forecast.

Achieve business outcomes

Maximize ROI

Reduce risk


  • Complete traceability from period to period for budget, forecast and funding
  • Budget and forecast calculations with hours and FTEs defined
  • Support communication between all stakeholders
  •  Implement change management processes to maintain control of scope and cost
  • Trends communicate potential changes
  • Change orders linked to imported schedule activities for time-phasing the effects of changes

Spreadsheets Are Not Enough for Change Management

Unfortunately, many organizations are still relying on spreadsheets to track not only their projects, but the changes within those projects. Excel spreadsheets have their own shortcomings in terms of project management, and in terms of change management, they have major failings:

  • Spreadsheets do not accurately reflect the complexity that project changes can have on complex, megaprojects
  • Spreadsheets are incapable of providing big picture and historical context of the changes, including the knock-on effect to other systems and processes in the project
  • Organizations end up with numerous copies of the same spreadsheet in different hands; making version control a very manual and nearly impossible goose chase of tracking them all down and updating each one every time a change is made.

Why Do I Need Change Management?

If you are unable to answer any of the following questions regarding change on your project or program, you need a change management solution:

  • How did a change go through the review and approval cycle, and was the appropriate due diligence undertaken?
  • What was the result of that review and approval?
  • Who physically or electronically signed off and committed the program to go down that particular path resulting from that change?
  • How was the funding requested, allocated, and tracked?
  • Who agreed to the changes in design, cost, and schedule?

IHI E&C is able to effectively manage project changes with an audit trail. They have access to view the total detailed history of each control account and change order by commitment, actuals, changes, etc. This is very efficient when having to research and summarize past cost impacts.

IHI Case Study

10-15% reduction in time spent during closeout

IHI E&C previously relied on high-level spreadsheets and needed a dependable tool to manage cost data, change, and provide standardized reporting while minimizing their dependency on spreadsheets. Implementing Contruent project management software resulted in IHI E&C saving 10-15% time during their closeout periods, increased confidence in report outputs, and creating a trusted centralized data source.