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With 25+ years of experience providing project management solutions to customers in major industries, Contruent has the capabilities and expertise needed to help any client succeed. From scheduling, to developing work processes and procedures, to Contruent Enterprise implementation, we have the processes, the personnel, and the tools required to effectively manage projects; all backed by a reputation earned by solving our clients’ toughest challenges.

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Steps to Success

We provide a Steps to Successful Implementation Guide to ensure you and your team are off to a great start with your Contruent implementation. Get the extra tools you need for success, such as desktop guides, schedules, stakeholder communication, definition of roles and responsibilities, and more.

Implement Contruent and
realize value faster

Bringing an organization onto a new software platform can disrupt existing workflows and has the potential to slow your team’s momentum. Contruent is the fastest to deliver to ensure you and your team are up and running so that you can realize value faster across the entire project lifecycle.

to Implementation

We’ll get you and your team up and running faster with our comprehensive set of best-in-class support and services.

to Accuracy

We’ll provide you with a single source of truth through integrated cost and schedule to track performance across budgets.

to Integration

We’ll get you integrated with your ERP or legacy systems with an 80% out-of-the-box solution, with 20% of data customized for your specific needs.

to Visibility

We’ll get you visibility into your key sources of data so that you can make analyze, assess and make well-informed business informed decisions.

to Compliance

We’ll enable any Earned Value Management compliance requirements you have, as well as greatly accelerate your sustainability initiatives.

to Return on Investment

As the world’s premier Capital Project Management solution, Contruent enables you to recoup your investment faster than anything else.

Drive project performance with intuitive, project-ready software

Purpose-built by experienced project controls professionals who do what you do.

The solution is purpose-built by seasoned project controls professionals who have years of experience doing what you do and understanding what you and your complex capital projects need.​

Intuitive workflows get more of your team involved sooner and more easily.

Most workflow tools need to be customer designed and take a lot of time to implement. The Contruent workflows are already pre-configured and can be adjusted for your unique workflows.​

Over 25 years of best practices and intellectual property programmed in.

More than a quarter-century of best practices, intellectual property, project insights, sophisticated algorithms and proven industry expertise is programmed directly into the software.

Harmonize data between projects to facilitate better decision-making.

Our data warehouse becomes your Common Data Environment. You don’t have to design it, build it, or define the connection points every single time. It’s there, it’s done, and it’s ready to use.