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True Talks

Introducing “True Talks”

A new thought leadership series hosted by Chief Strategy Officer, Andy Verone. The series will convene thought leaders and experts across industries, including technology, energy, oil & gas, infrastructure, transportation, and more.

Each conversation will provide valuable discussions and insightful perspectives around emerging trends and topics across construction, engineering, and tech. Future topics include the Construction AI-Volution, U.S. Infrastructure opportunities and challenges, and a number of other compelling topics.

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    True Talks - Webinar Series

    Meet Andy

    Andy Verone

    Andy Verone


    With over 35 years of industry experience, Andy joins Contruent with a strong track record of executing innovative strategies, leading cross-functional teams, and transforming businesses.

    Prior to joining Contruent as Chief Strategy Officer, Andy served as Global Vice President at Oracle, overseeing M&A activities, shaping product strategies, and co-founding Oracle’s Vertical Industry labs.

    As Chief Strategy Officer, Andy continues to bring his wealth of experience to the forefront, spearheading initiatives and identifying solutions that position Contruent as a key player in the construction technology sector.

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