Improve Visibility to Make Informed Decisions

Faster to accurate reporting, data sharing and data-driven decision-making

Do I have the up-to-the-minute cost and performance data I need to make effective decisions about my projects? Do I know if any projects are performing poorly—and if so, what steps need to be taken?

You can answer with confidence with Contruent Enterprise, the capital project management software solution that allows you visualize the status, health indicators, and data trends and forecasts for each project across your entire portfolio.

Decision-making is enhanced when you can analyze and evaluate using accurate, real-time project data.

And our data warehouse lets everyone in your organization share and search for data, reports and documents across all projects and portfolios.

Solution capabilities

Reduce time spent on data collection, entry and validation


average annual reduction in FTE labor hours


in annual savings per 10 project controls FTEs

Businessman viewing critical data on both paper and desktop computer while talking on phone

Shape the insights your users need

Contruent Enterprise features hundreds of report templates built right into the solution. But custom reports are also available, so you can make revisions or formatting changes (e.g., color, layout) to existing templates. And customers with proprietary business processes can use the customized report writer to build a specialized report on the sets of data that reflect the performance and status of those processes.

One central source simplifies data sharing and search

How much valuable time is wasted searching for a document or report while expensive resources are idled awaiting a decision? The structured data warehouse delivered by Contruent Enterprise provides an easily accessible, easily searchable central repository for all data across all projects and portfolios.

Employee viewing Data Warehouse screen in Contruent Enterprise software

Making the cultural shift to Contruent has allowed us to get a much more integrated view. It’s a significant benefit and we sometimes forget that benefit because it has become so inherent in what we do. It’s like having a smartphone. You take it for granted and forget what life was ever like without one!

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Deliver the big picture with executive dashboards

The key executives in your organization no longer need to rely on outdated or incomplete data—or inaccurate anecdotal information—to make the decisions that impact a project or a portfolio. Contruent Enterprise’s executive dashboards deliver the real-time project data that enables business leaders to analyze, assess and make well-informed data-driven decisions.

Executive reviewing data and analytics via Contruent Enterprise software