Pre-Construction Planning for
Project Success

The planning period before launching a major project is crucial to the overall success of the project.
Successful contracts rely on accurate estimates and well-informed bids resulting in a confident baseline to your budget.

ProcureWare delivered by Contruent

Procurement is a major component in any project or program, and it can significantly influence the final cost of a project. Implementing robust procurement practices, including vendor communications, bid review and analysis, and contract optimization enables better project cost accuracy and certainty. 

With ProcureWare, users have access to a cloud-based procurement portal that empowers organizations to manage vendors, solicit and receive bids, compare bids and award contracts from one central location. With comprehensive features such as vendor, bid, and contract management, ProcureWare streamlines the bidding process, fosters collaboration between enterprises and supply chains, and minimizes the risk of cost overruns. Vendors have secure access to bid documentation to give you the best bids in the format you require.  And your organization has a single source of truth for vendor and bid management.

Strategic pre-construction planning sets the stage for enhanced cost precision across the entire project lifecycle.

Manage procurement lifecycle in the cloud

Optimize and streamline the bid process

Enhance cost precision across the project lifecycle


  • Managing the entire procurement lifecycle within a single cloud-based environment
  • Provide enterprises and bidders with real-time access to the latest information
  • Standardize supplier qualification and management, spanning from supplier selection and pre-qualification to online bidding, analysis, award and contract management
  • Optimize and streamline the bid process to secure top-quality bids from the most qualified suppliers and contractors
  • Mitigate project risk with increased supplier competition and enhanced data-driven decision-making
Capital Construction Sustainability

Contruent Estimating

Succeeding in today’s marketplace is not an easy task. You have to respond promptly, accurately and confidently to all estimating challenges, and traditional estimating methods are simply not enough.

Contruent Estimating is designed for organizations that require consistency and centralization of estimates and estimating data. Contruent Estimating empowers users to craft conceptual estimates for feasibility studies, producing a spectrum of detailed estimates that enhance bid success and facilitate the development of robust budgets. 

Contruent Estimating 2D also provides integration with the Estimate Spreadsheet and Smart Assemblies that cuts time in half. Additionally, users can import 3D Models to swiftly extract quantities, enabling you to generate a comprehensive Bill of Materials within minutes.

Promote estimate centralization and collaboration

Leverage trends and averages for precise estimation

Achieve business intelligence from project start


  • Centralize Estimating
  • Speed up Quantity Survey
  • Increase Estimate Accuracy 
  • Capture Historical Data
  • Create Custom Summaries 
  • Develop Custom Reports
  • Track Estimate Revisions 
  • Software Integration

Sunrise behind construction site showing cranes and buildings in progress

Corporate procurement systems are very rarely built with functionality that allows users to see the details that project procurement needs– tracking materials and process equipment at the detailed level required for projects.

Procurement White paper

Construction Execution and Operations


Contruent Procurement

Project procurement management is one of the fundamental knowledge areas of project management, yet many capital project organizations treat procurements for complex megaprojects the same as procurements for everyday business operations. This practice can lead to significant project delays, cost overruns, and other issues as most equipment and materials procured for projects need to be tracked individually. Corporate ERP procurement systems and processes lack the transparency and level of control required to manage project procurements at the necessary level of detail.

ProcureWare, referred to above, is a single location to put RFP to tender, manage incoming bids, and create contracts from selected bids. Contruent Enterprise enables users to manage requisitions and purchase orders, handle procurement scheduling, shipment expediting and supplier evaluations through the execution phase.

Streamline and simplify procurement processing

Increase operational and capital efficiency

Enhance visibility and control portfolio-wide


  • Develop bid packages from requisitions, perform bid analysis, and award purchase orders
  • Generate engineering requisitions and purchase orders
  • Track shipments of materials and equipment
  • Measure fabrication progress against the project schedule
  • Record invoices and payments to complete purchase order transactions
  • Maintain supplier performance scorecards
Sunrise behind construction site showing cranes and buildings in progress

Contruent Contracts

Contracts are only as good as the estimates and bids they are built on. With ProcureWare, selected bids transition to Contracts. Customers can be sure that all relevant bid information seamlessly transitions into relevant contracts, mitigating the risk of errors or omissions, while eliminating reliance on emails and disparate spreadsheets.

At contract completion customers can also easily close the feedback loop. With performance analysis, cost evaluation, and more data on hand, customers can learn from each contract and gain insights into historical contractor performance. This data-driven approach enhances decision-making and boosts certainty in future bid selections.