Control Project Spend End to End

Faster to estimating and engineering and field management

How can I more effectively manage project spend? How can I get alerted to potential spend issues before they become problems? What can I do to reduce the likelihood of spend overruns deep into the project lifecycle?

You can’t manage what you can’t see, and in capital construction, lack of visibility and control can have expensive consequences.

Contruent Enterprise delivers the insights and tools you need to effectively manage cost through every step of the construction project lifecycle, from estimating and RFP administration through procurement and field management, all the way through successful completion.

Your surprises are minimized, your budgets and schedules are adhered to, and your track record grows more distinguished.

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Monitor engineering progress and performance

Contruent Enterprise delivers accurate, automated reporting of engineering progress and performance. The built-in earned value engineering progress solution is designed to optimize budgeting and monitoring hours by tasks, deliverables, and packages. Your project’s engineering documents can be progressed using a range of methods you choose, so it’s easy to monitor progress and performance at multiple levels of detail.

New dimensions in estimating and BIM

Contruent Enterprise makes it easy to create conceptual estimates for feasibility studies resulting in a range of detailed estimates that win work and evolve into sound budgets. And 5-dimensional building information modeling (smart-linking individual 3-D components with time and schedule plus cost-related data) propels your estimating capabilities to exciting new levels of accuracy.

Control Project Spend

Once a standard template is set up, exporting accounting data and importing it into Contruent saves the cost team two full days of work on large projects. We save 10-15 percent time during the closeout period.

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Reduce the likelihood of surprises from the field

With Contruent Enterprise, you can keep your entire team—including contractors and subs—on track and on time by quickly identifying critical issues when tasks are going over budget or falling behind schedule. You can get as granular as you want to get an accurate look at progress performance in order to precisely measure progress and report productivity.

Control Project Spend