Manage Contracts and
Contractor Activity

Faster to bidding, contract management and RFP administration

Does this contractor’s bid meet my project’s technical requirements? Are the contractors on my project hitting their milestones? Is there a more effective way for me to communicate with my contractors and vendors?

The answers to contractor management are built right into Contruent Enterprise, the capital project management software solution that automates and organizes the vast array of bids, contracts and contractor reports that once required an entire large team to administer manually.

Now it’s easy to organize contract milestones, track contract-level progress and speed up reporting using pre-built templates.

You can efficiently and automatically manage the RFP, bid analysis and contracting processes, significantly reducing the time it takes to get to breaking ground.

Reduce contract spend through better data quality and reliable reporting


average annual reduction in budgeted contract spend


in savings per $2B in annual contract spend

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Bring bid analysis into the modern era

The complexity of bid analysis demands the automation and easy configurability only Contruent Enterprise delivers. It’s time you graduated from time- and labor-intensive spreadsheets to a much more accurate and efficient way of collecting and recording contract bids, performing bid analysis, and awarding contracts.

Automate contract management for maximum efficiency

Owners, EPCs and construction management firms now have the automated tools to drive efficiency across the entire contract lifecycle. Now you can create prime contracts, manage RFPs, conduct bid analysis, create contracts with pay items, award committed contracts, evaluate contract performance and calculate progress with the accuracy and precision your projects demand.

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Microsoft Excel is currently the most common tool used for project cost management, followed by SAP and Contruent, respectively. Despite this, clients using Contruent and SAP outperformed Microsoft Excel, reporting greater predictability and ability to achieve project outcomes, as well as higher quality controls processes for managing project time/schedule. Those with robust systems also scored highest when it came to the skills of their team, implying that more experienced teams were driving the uptake of more robust systems.

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Eliminate redundant manual processes with contract workflow design

Improve workflow efficiency and achieve consistent and timely reporting on standard project metrics with powerful workflows built into Contruent Enterprise. It comes with real-time capture and reporting on workflow progressions, which result in reduced commercial turnaround times for client and supply chains, as well as a lowered burden on internal ICT infrastructure and resources.

Gated contractor portal secures data sharing

Contruent Enterprise software provides a gated contractor portal which gives you visibility into the progression of contractor claims, allowing you to more effectively monitor progress. The portal is a secure environment in which you and your third-party contractors and vendors can view data, update project progress, and upload and download templates to enhance communication and reporting.

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