Certified Audit Trail

Avoid change failure pitfalls with a detailed audit trail

Change failures can not only cost your business a fortune but finding out what went wrong, how to fix it and providing an accurate audit trail for regulators can also be time-consuming and stressful if you don’t have the right platform in place. A good change management platform can be the difference between your project’s success or failure.

Contruent Enterprise provides organizations with a certified audit trail for managing changes on large capital projects. An audit trail not only enables strong governance, but it helps equip the project team with historical context for project changes.

Increase transparency and awareness

Streamline and improve decision-making

Monitor, track, and meet compliance standards


  • Link all changes back to the schedule, estimate, and impact on cost at completion
  • Create integrity in change management data
  • Utilize insights to benchmark future projects
  • Improve communication and increase awareness across project stakeholders
Certified Audit Trail

Crossrail has seen several business benefits including increased reporting capability, having an audit trail of project changes, and producing executive reports in 5 days from month’s end.

Crossrail Case Study

Complete traceability from period to period for budget, forecast and funding

  • Support communication between all stakeholders within an organization
  • Foster better project control via transparency, increased awareness, better decision-making, time saved and improved compliance
  • Monitor, manage and optimize the changes that occur throughout the project lifecycle
Certified Audit Trail