Field Management

Accurately measure progress and report productivity

Project controls professionals waste valuable time chasing people down for status updates from the field. When they finally receive updates, they come in all forms – sticky notes, paper scraps, text messages, e-mails – resulting in lost time and the need to manually enter statuses to report progress.

With Contruent, progress can be accurately reported based on hours and installed quantities with user-defined rules of credit for complete performance measurement. With detailed field data throughout the project life-cycle, users will be alerted to issues in a timely manner allowing the rapid development of corrective actions to keep your projects on-time and within budget.

Immediate updates for accurate forecasting

Easily define milestones and rules of credit

Review and approval both at your fingertips


  • Define, status, and progress construction tasks on a routine basis
  • Organize data by WBS, CBS, area, and phase
  • Budget tasks and deliverables by hours and quantities
  • Dynamically record actuals from field
  • Create daily field progressing reports
  • Immediate updates for accurate forecasting
  • Alerted to issues allowing for rapid development of corrective actions
Building contractors analyzing blueprint at construction site

We were able to integrate time and progress together, allowing us to manage progress in a more structured and objective way. This led to a significant improvement in productivity across our business.

Saleh Elshobokshi

Project Controls Leader, Laing O’Rourke

The power of integration in project controls

Laing O’Rourke wanted to challenge and change the face of the industry. It was not just about being a contractor for their client, but they wanted to build relationships and provide best-in-class contracting and engineering services.

After conducting a thorough trade study of the software market, they determined that Contruent was the perfect solution to integrate their labor cost, schedule, and field information; create consistency by eliminating reliance on spreadsheets; and provide accurate forecast information.

Field Management Software