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For Contruent Customers

What is ProcureWare?

ProcureWare is a cloud-based portal that allows enterprises to manage  approved vendors and contractors from a central location. Within the platform, users are also able to receive and respond to RFPs in a secure, auditable environment to ensure the best vendors are selected. Core capabilities include:

  • Vendor Management
    • Vendor registration
    • Vendor solicitation
    • Vendor communications
    • Audit management 
  • Bid Management
    • Bid package management
    • Bid solicitation
    • Bid comparison 
    • Reporting
  • Contract Management
    • Vendor selection
    • Contract award
    • Integration with ERP
Why is Contruent acquiring a procurement solution?

Contruent is committed to evolving its product to serve its customers growing and expanding needs. As part of this commitment, Contruent will continue to provide its customers with the solutions necessary to deliver their projects and programs on budget and on time. Procurement is a critical part of any large project or program that can significantly influence the final cost of a project. Implementing robust procurement practices, including bid review, analysis and data enables better project cost accuracy and certainty.

What will happen to the current procurement tool on Contruent?

The current procurement capabilities in Contruent will remain. We will be enhancing that tool through an integration with ProcureWare. ProcureWare addresses the pre-construction phase of capital planning and Contruent Enterprise focuses on the operations phase.


Do existing Contruent customers have to pay more to use ProcureWare?

ProcureWare is a complete procurement and bid management solution inclusive of a vendor portal. This is an additional add-on to the procurement module in Contruent and is a separate license. Customers that are interested in learning more about ProcureWare should reach out to their sales representative.

Why did Contruent choose ProcureWare vs. other procurement solutions?

ProcureWare has supported projects for over two decades, making it a proven and trusted solution for customers globally. Like Contruent Enterprise, ProcureWare is also a cloud-based solution, which allows users to efficiently work within a single cloud environment. Because of this, enterprises and supply chains can easily collaborate, from the inception of the bid to the contract award, to drive better efficiency and reduce costs.

How does ProcureWare provide value to customers?

ProcureWare drives value across the procurement lifecycle by:

  • Managing the entire procurement lifecycle within a single cloud-based environment, ensuring enterprises and bidders have real-time access to the latest information
  • Standardizing supplier qualification and management, spanning from supplier selection and pre-qualification to online bidding, analysis, award and contract management
  • Optimizing and streamlining the bid process to secure top-quality bids from the most qualified suppliers and contractors through increased supplier competition, risk mitigation and enhanced data-driven decision-making.
How do ProcureWare and Contruent work well together?

Our goal is to be the premier cost management solution for capital projects and programs worldwide. We are committed to delivering cost management across the entire project lifecycle. 

Adding ProcureWare to our Contruent Enterprise offering will allow customers to better plan and achieve project and program success. By optimizing budgets and commitments during the procurement phase, Contruent will further reduce risks of cost overruns and drive business value for customers.

Is purchasing ProcureWare as a standalone solution an option?

Yes, ProcureWare will remain available as a standalone solution for purchase.

For ProcureWare Customers

What is Contruent?

Contruent is the cost management solution that empowers owners and EPCs to build large construction projects with precision and speed. Contruent is faster to deliver across the project lifecycle because it integrates cost and scheduling and comes project-ready out-of-the box with 25 years of best practices built in. The result is higher accuracy, speed, and cost efficiency. Founded in 1994 as ARES PRISM and renamed with the launch of an innovative SaaS platform, Contruent operates in 26 countries and is now headquartered in Naperville, IL.

Will ProcureWare customers be logging into a different platform?

In the near term, there will be no changes to the way ProcureWare admin users access the product. Eventually, there will be alignment with Contruent’s SSO (Single Sign On) with minimal to no impact to admin users.

Will anything change how Vendors log in?

Vendor log in will remain the same for the foreseeable future to minimize impact to your organization.

Will the ProcureWare name be changing?

As of now, there are no immediate plans to change the ProcureWare name. However, this may change in the future. We will keep our customers informed of any developments regarding any branding adjustments.

Is Contruent planning to make any changes or enhancements to ProcureWare?

Yes! Contruent is committed to ProcureWare with planned enhancements and expanded capabilities. Be on the lookout for a soon to be released customer ideas portal for all your enhancement requests.

How will billing work for current ProcureWare customers?

All ProcureWare customers will receive a communication from Contruent regarding updated billing. If there are remaining questions, please contact

How will the acquisition impact ongoing projects or orders with ProcureWare customers?

There will be no changes or impact to ongoing projects or orders within ProcureWare.

Will ProcureWare customers have access to Contruent Enterprise?

ProcureWare customers will only have access to ProcureWare, unless they choose to purchase Contruent Enterprise. Those interested in learning more about Contruent Enterprise, please contact

Will there be any changes to existing contracts or agreements with ProcureWare customers?

Yes, current ProcureWare customers will receive an updated contract from Contruent for signature and approval. Keep an eye out for an email from, which will contain all the necessary details. Prior to your renewal, ProcureWare customers will also be provided the Contruent Subscription Service Agreement (SSA) which covers terms of use and privacy policies.

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