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Causes of Project Cost & Schedule Overrun

Cost and schedule overruns can completely derail a project. No one wants that! So it’s important to look at the major pain points that contribute to project overruns, including:

  • Limited access to information
  • Lack of trust in data
  • Manual preparation of reports
  • Inconsistent processes
  • Management reserve (contingency) is spent too quickly
  • Surprises that cause overruns in cost and time

Project Management Offices (PMOs) are in a unique position to develop strategies to avoid these pain points.

And that’s why we wrote our newest white paper.  We wanted to look at strategies that can be used by PMO’s to resolve the causes of most cost and schedule overruns.  Start learning from other high performing and mature PMO’s who utilize these strategies:

  • Get the questions right
  • Simplify getting to the answer
  • Optimize reports
  • Analyze and forecast
  • Adapt, evolve and engage


The Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for enabling the decision-making process; verifying and reporting progress; and facilitating communication across the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Project Management Contract (PMC), and Owner Operator (OO). This white paper provides strategies utilized by high performing and maturing PMOs to accomplish these goals.