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Societal Benefits of Infrastructure Projects


ARES PRISM has been utilized on many major infrastructure projects across the globe, including mega projects. One of the things we love more than helping our customers stay on schedule and on budget are the benefits projects like these bring to society. 

Take our 20-year major roadways project with Highways England for example. Being that this program’s projects are part of a massive infrastructure program, the benefits of successful project completion seem innumerable. The time and money saved on the Highways England projects with ARES PRISM trickles down to being time and money saved for tax payers, as their money funds these projects. They will also save time and money on the road, by spending less time commuting and less in gas prices.

It is theorized that investing in infrastructure benefits the economy, afterall, time is money and time saved is money saved. In the UK, the government reports that every £1 spent on new roads generates £4 in additional economic benefit. In fact, approximately 98 percent of UK manufacturers say roads are critical to the success of their business, so bettering the infrastructure will lead to getting products to their destination sooner and, sometimes, in a more adequate route. There are many effects of infrastructure improvement on the economy, not just to mention that it employs a large amount of workers.

Stepping away from the monetary gains, there are benefits to society as well. By improving the speed and ease of travel, journeys on Highways England’s road projects become shorter and less stressful, thus improving quality of life for those who travel on them. Additionally, improving the infrastructure of Highways England results in fewer roadway casualties, so these benefits are literally life-saving to a degree. Fewer accidents due to improved infrastructure leads to fewer harmed travelers, as well as healthier air quality due to fewer traffic jams.

There are many benefits that are achieved through the successful completion of these Highways England projects with ARES PRISM, but in the end saving stakeholders time and money, and saving society time and money are the most critical as they lead to all the other positive outcomes.