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Timesheet Tracking Coming to ARES PRISM’s Cost Management


It’s about time! ARES PRISM is partnering with HMS Software to bring customers an integrated cost management and timesheet solution with TimeControl. Our enterprise cost management module will be equipped with HMS Software’s enterprise TimeControl timesheet software.

HMS Software’s TimeControl provides a multi-purpose timesheet system targeted at mid and large sized organizations. TimeControl Industrial adds crew timesheet entry and materials consumption and equipment usage to the system to create a field data collection system.  

TimeControl’s excels in managing actuals and ARES PRISM excels in managing project budget and estimates. This alliance makes for a powerful project management combination that will move projects forward, keeping them from becoming delayed by management tasks.

The integration of these two softwares will be bi-directional. In just a few week, cost control managers will be able to load actuals from TimeControl with the simple click of a button.


TimeControl is often used both for good governance within the organization as well as for government compliance such as R&D tax credit tracking, DCAA compliance, ARRA tracking as well as HR, Payroll, project management and more.

Through this partnership with ARES PRISM’s our Cost Management module will feature TimeControl and its abilities to deliver time and attendance, time and billing, job costing and project time within the same interface. Thus eliminating the need for multiple timesheet systems within the same organization.

This new inclusion of TimeControl will be a highly valuable feature that is critical to efficiency. It will make manual timesheets a thing of the past, and time and attendance data reports will be able to be automatically generated. This integration will give customers an even more accurate view of their actuals, so that at any given point they will know where they stand without the involvement of numerous hours (or days) of report running, data entry, or data analysis.