Create and Manage All Capital
Construction Contracts at Every Level

Contruent Enterprise’s contract management feature is an essential tool, whether you are an owner, EPC or a construction management firm. Customers can utilize this solution to create contracts, manage Request for Proposals (RFPs), conduct bid analysis, create contracts with pay items and award committed contracts.

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Why Do I Need Contract

If you are unable to answer any of the following questions regarding change in your capital projects, you need a contract management solution:

  • How can I better streamline my RFP process to be more efficient?
  • How can I improve bid analysis?
  • How can I transform my contract administration?

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Contract Management Benefits

With Contruent Enterprise you can:

  • Collect contract bids, perform bid analysis and award contracts
  • Add contract changes and send updated commitments to cost management for project reporting
  • Evaluate contract performance and calculate accurate progress
  • Record invoices and payments to complete contract transactions
  • Accurately track, manage and pay for complete work
  • Manage change through negotiation and approval
  • Track progress to determine earned payment amounts

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