Cost Management

Integrate Project Cost and Schedule
with a Robust Cost Management Tool

Contruent Enterprise software offers a seamless integration of project schedules and cost estimates. This integration streamlines the development of time-phased budgets and forecasts while providing robust metrics to gauge performance and productivity using cost, hour, and quantity controls. Develop time-based budgets, measure performance, and integrate schedules and cost estimates with Contruent Enterprise’s Cost Management Tool.


Earned Value Management

Earned value management (EVM) is a project management technique that can assess the performance of your projects by integrating measurements of cost, scope and schedule.

Key EVM components include:

  • Planned value
  • Earned value
  • Actual cost
  • Cost performance index
  • Schedule performance index
  • Cost variance
  • Schedule variance

EVM Benefits

  • Provides reliable data through a single management control system
  • Integrates work, schedule and cost into a work breakdown structure
  • Practical comparative analysis via the associated database of completed projects
  • Intervene and make corrections early
  • Leverage an index-based method to forecast the final cost of the project
  • “To-complete” performance index allows evaluation of the forecasted final cost
  • Periodic (weekly/monthly) CPI benchmark
  • Reduce information overload through a management-byexception principle

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Cost Management Benefits

  • Save time and money with complete project cost control
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and gain confidence in your data
  • Reduce project risks by aligning your cost and schedule
  • Create unlimited control accounts to manage your project data at the level of detail you want
  • Establish time-phased budgets to represent cash flow plans for your projects
  • Use enterprise reporting for enterprise cash flow analysis
  • Measure performance and productivity using cost, hour and quantity control elements
  • Plan and forecast resources by reporting period
  • Get out-of-the-box reports at your fingertips