Field Management


Contruent Field provides a comprehensive methodology for managing field progress and performance information based on quantities and hours. It keeps your team, including contractors and subcontractors, on track by identifying critical issues when tasks are going over budget or falling behind schedule.


Field Management Features

Action Items: Record daily action items, send internal messages, assign tasks, and set up approval processes.

Bid Documents: Easily associate bid documents to progress accounts.

Punch List: Develop and manage punch list items on progress accounts.

Safety Incidents: Record injuries, incidents, and weather conditions along with any actions that need to be taken.

Field Photographs: Upload pictures and other documents from the field to give a quick look at how your project is progressing.

Job Site Meetings: Manage field meetings with attendees, minutes, changes, and affected progress items.

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  • Increased Efficiency
  • Accurate Progressing of Tasks at Detailed Level
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration with Action Items
  • Flexible Reporting Cycles
  • Connect Field and Office
  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Integrates with Legacy Systems

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