Bringing All Of Your Data Together

Contruent Integrator is an industry-leading integration platform that eliminates data silos and connects IT systems, ERP systems, and financial systems enabling the orchestration of data through advanced workflow and business processes. Learn more by viewing our datasheet.



Easy To Implement

Contruent Integrator creates a uniform singular interface across all applications, and can be up and running quickly! It features a comprehensive development studio and an unrivaled level of interoperability and connectivity for integrating a vast variety of technologies and standards, including databases, IoT, WebServices, messaging, FTP and directories, .NET, Java, HTTP, and more

Workflow Modeling

Our workflow integration platform allows for bi-directional communication between technologies. Contruent Integrator’s productive metadata studio uses code-free technology to orchestrate the flow of business processes and manage information exchange between on-premise and/or cloud-based enterprise systems, automatically integrating data from multiple sources in a many-to-one approach.


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Integration Benefits

  • Allows automated, bi-directional communication and shared data between PRISM, SAP, and various other systems within the environment (Certified Oracle, SAP & IBM adapters).
  • Entering data once at the source eliminates mistakes and duplication caused by manual tasks to reduce business risks.
  • Code-free integration with pre-built, certified connectors to leading IT systems and virtually countless other applications and technologies.
  • Increase business performance and efficiency.
  • Improve revenue performance and lower operational costs.
  • Digitally transform your organization.

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