Digitizing the Construction Industry

What You Will Learn

Ever wondered why the construction industry has responded differently to technology than other industries? This webinar discusses the current state of the construction sector and explores key contributors to lagging productivity including the role that software plays in bridging the gap of digitization.

You’ll learn about:
  • How leaders and stakeholders are addressing shifts in processes
  • Where the construction market is headed and trends to watch
  • Catalysts that are creating an opportunity for adopting technology


Ryan Kubacki

Ryan Kubacki

CEO, Contruent

Ryan Kubacki is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Contruent, the global leader of enterprise project controls software. Ryan was recruited into the role by growth equity company M33 Growth and is a co-investor in the business.

Karl Vantine

Karl Vantine

CCO, Contruent

Karl Vantine is one of Contruent’s legacy employees and holds decades of global experience in implementing project controls best practices and adopting new software systems that improve business processes. His deep industry knowledge provides the perspective that makes him an effective Chief Customer Officer.

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