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AACE Analyzing S-Curves


Analyzing S-Curves AACE Recommended Practice: Using ARES PRISM to Conform to the AACE International RP 55R-09.

This white paper explores the AACE International Recommended Practice 55R-09 on analyzing S-curves and describes how an earned value management tool, like PRISM G2, can be used to meet and exceed its requirements.


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“PRISM enables the project team to conform to all the recommendations in the AACE International Recommended Practice 55R-09. This tool is designed to develop an original baseline, generate an early and late approved budget and to compare them to the actual values and the earned values as suggested by the Recommended Practice.”


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AACE International recommends that cost engineers and schedulers alike develop S-curves to graphically display cumulative progress information over time. These curves can be used to gain insight into almost any type of project. The curves are designed as an intuitive method of conveying project progress status to the project team and stakeholders. The primary point of Recommended Practice 55R-09, is that graphic presentation promotes understanding of progress.