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Integration in a Project Controls Environment


In a project controls environment, integration of project, program and portfolio data is essential to make key business decisions. This white paper explores how to effectively integrate project controls data, defines service oriented architecture and its interactions with applications and discusses the benefits that can be realized by managing programs from a central point.


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“Automated application services and implementations of business logic in automated systems are a critical part of any integration or SOA solution.”


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Integration is not a new concept. Within a business context, integration takes on many forms including the integration of people, business processes and systems. Usually, an organization will require integration of all of these elements to some extent. Far too much time is spent finding, extracting and analyzing data from various systems to provide stakeholders with information on how a program is progressing. Companies and stakeholders have an insatiable need for information and require accurate and integrated data in order to make informed decisions. This results in teams spending weeks and months to pull everything together. There is a better way!


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