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Project Procurement vs. Operational Procurement


Project procurement management is a crucial, yet often overlooked, stage of the project management process. Many businesses choose to treat the procurement phase of projects similar to general corporate procurement– using the same tools, systems, and processes to handle both. However, procuring materials and supplies for projects requires a different approach than acquiring goods for routine business needs.


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“Corporate procurement systems are very rarely built with functionality that allows users to see the details that project procurement needs– tracking materials and process equipment at the detailed level required for projects.”


About ProcureWare

“ProcureWare is a cloud-based e-Procurement portal that allows enterprises to manage vendors, solicit and receive bids, compare bids and award contracts from one central location. With comprehensive features such as vendor, bid, and contract management, ProcureWare streamlines the bidding process, fosters collaboration between enterprises and supply chains, and minimizes the risk of cost overruns.”


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