Success Story


AECOM Increases Scalability and
Reduces Project Cost by 25%

AECOM is a global engineering and construction services company that specializes in engineering design, urban planning and environmental consulting. Known for its involvement in major infrastructure projects, AECOM adopts an integrated approach, collaborating with clients to provide comprehensive and sustainable solutions. The firm’s commitment to innovation underscores its reputation as a leader in addressing complex challenges across various industries.

Engineering & Construction

Dallas, TX


  • Complete data integration
  • Increased flexibility and scalability
  • Built-in earned value management standards
  • Data integrity and trustworthy calculations


The Challenge

Effectively harnessing data can pose a formidable task for any project. Many construction companies, especially those engaged in extensive projects, encounter difficulties in handling substantial amounts of data within spreadsheets. This can lead to delayed reporting and a lack of standardization, significantly complicating project decisionmaking processes unnecessarily.

AECOM faced similar challenges as they were using advanced macro-enabled spreadsheets and Microsoft Access databases, which introduced a singular point of vulnerability and led to a lack of foresight for the company. These systems were highly dependent on manual data processes, and therefore were at risk of human error. They also hindered AECOM’s client expectations for timing and integration, causing a delay between project events and data availability for analysis. Beyond the risk of errors, the solutions were also not scalable enough to grow with AECOM.


The Solution

Recognizing the need for improvement, AECOM embarked on a proactive journey to revitalize its project controls processes.

The company initiated plans to kickstart a transformation in project controls, leading to the introduction of the Construction Information Systems (CIS) project. This initiative aimed to identify and implement modern tools and processes, enhancing AECOM’s ability to more efficiently manage their projects.

The CIS project’s goals were simple. Find an integrated project management solution that could:

  • Improve repeatability of analysis
  • Deliver consistent reports
  • Offer standardization of processes

It didn’t take AECOM long to identify Contruent as the solution, opting for its integrated capabilities over other systems.

Contruent significantly boosted AECOM’s data confidence by reducing reliance on spreadsheets and enabling efficient collaboration on project datasets. The system’s implementation not only enhanced project data timeliness, but also streamlined workflows, allowing multiple users to work simultaneously.

Contruent’s out-of-the-box reports fulfilled AECOM’s need for consistent reporting, facilitating easy comparison of project data. Moreover, Contruent played a pivotal role in reinforcing AECOM’s standardized processes and best practices in project controls, aligning with their goal to standardize procedures within the Oil & Gas sector.

Our goal is to standardize how we do project controls within Oil and Gas and within AECOM, Contruent Enterprise is a really important piece of that puzzle.

Craig Boudreau

Director of Project Controls, AECOM

The Results

AECOM’s implementation of Contruent Enterprise has yielded a multitude of benefits, leading to increased confidence in their project controls capabilities. According to Boudreau, “I would recommend Contruent Enterprise for data integrity, efficiency and standardization.”

Key advantages include complete data integration, consolidating cost, schedule and ERP data for comprehensive analysis.

Contruent’s historical data feature enables accurate forecasts and validation for future project proposals.

The platform’s scalability and flexibility surpass the limitations of spreadsheets, providing ease in managing projects of any size.

Increased productivity and the ability to achieve tasks in seconds have resulted in the company reducing their costs per project by 25 percent as well as resource optimization.

Contruent’s built-in EVM standards serve not only project purposes, but also act as effective training tools for project controls best practices. Trustworthy calculations and data integrity are enhanced, as Contruent Enterprise ensures access to the latest financial data, reducing uncertainty and reinforcing AECOM’s analytical confidence.

According to Boudreau, “One of the best things about the product is it sets boundaries on how things are done and then we can start building processes and an approach around it. The more we do that, the more efficient the whole thing becomes and ultimately the more we save.”