Success Story

Crossrail Limited 

Crossrail Automates
and Improves its Change
Management Processes

In recent years, Crossrail has been constructing a new 42-kilometer high frequency, high-capacity railway network beneath London and the Southeast UK that will cost an estimated $24 billion. Around 200 million passengers will travel on Crossrail each year and the route will provide a 10% increase to rail capacity in the capital.


London, England


  • Increased confidence in data
  • Improved foresight and reporting capability
  • Established an audit trail of project changes
  • Executive reports produced in five days from month’s end


The Challenge

As Europe’s largest construction project, Crossrail was challenged to manage approvals for over 1,000 project changes per period. Recognizing the need for a standardized change management procedure, the impracticality of in-person approvals, especially with a dispersed project management team across multiple London offices, became evident.

To overcome these challenges, Crossrail sought a streamlined and efficient change management approval process. Acknowledging the limitations of traditional methods, they required a tool for accurate reporting and automated change management. This strategic decision aimed to empower Crossrail with the capability to make well-informed and confident decisions amidst the complexities of this monumental project.


The Solution

Crossrail began looking for a change management system that could:

  • Automate their change management approval process
  • Improve data accuracy of monthly reports
  • Decrease rework and monthly report processing times
  • Eliminate changes that were out of governance

Crossrail chose Contruent because its solution provided out-of-thebox change management and standard reports.

Contruent’s integration capabilities established a centralized system, serving as the “single source of truth” for Crossrail’s cost management and change management data. Contruent Enterprise’s automated change management workflow brought a paradigm shift to Crossrail, eliminating manual processes, improving data accuracy and reducing rework and errors.

All project changes now undergo a streamlined process, which includes automatically submitting, tracking and approving changes with a simple button click. Contruent Enterprise’s userfriendly interface and versatile import/export feature enable seamless integration with diverse applications, allowing Crossrail to efficiently modify or add data. Crossrail is also able to enforce consistency and establish a robust audit trail, which also enhances its overall project management effectiveness.

“Because Contruent integrates with other applications, Crossrail had “one source of truth” with a central system that their cost management, change management, trending, and forecast data would be housed.”

Crossrail on choosing Contruent Enterprise

The Results

After deploying Contruent, Crossrail has reaped significant business benefits, including enhanced reporting capabilities, a robust audit trail for project changes and the ability to generate executive reports within five days of each month’s end. Contruent Enterprise’s advanced features, such as time phasing and trending, have drastically reduced the need for manual adjustments and multiple reports, leading to heightened efficiency and accuracy.

The system’s seamless entry and tracking of project changes establish a dependable audit trail, enabling effortless review of the entire change history and eliminating ambiguity about approvals. With Contruent, Crossrail has been able to produce executive reports quickly, ensuring decision-makers have timely access to crucial insights.

Crossrail is committed to utilizing Contruent Enterprise’s cost and change management capabilities throughout the new railway project’s delivery. The organization plans to integrate Contruent Enterprise with other departments, like Procurement and Engineering, to enhance overall organizational synergy and efficiency.