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A Year in Review: Contruent (fka ARES PRISM) 2018

Another great year of helping our customers achieve project management success with Contruent is wrapping up! It has been such a busy year, and while we could write a novel about 2018, we figured our readers would prefer a recap of the highlights.

Check out our biggest achievements and proudest moments of 2018!

For Our Customers:

Customer Support Community
We launched our Contruent online support community this year!  In our customer community portal, customers have access to a wealth of resources and an easy way to reach our support team. Access the support portal here.

GDPR Compliance & Live Chat
This year has been a HUGE year for data privacy, and we are all for it! We have taken steps to fully abide by GDPR policies, not only with our emails, but with our site’s live chat system as well. And while we launched our live chat tool in the latter half of 2017, it really took off this year.

We have customers all across the globe, and as such we try to be as accessible as possible. While we are headquartered in the US, we give customers and viewers numerous ways to reach out to our team, whether they are requesting more information or need help.

This year, we began hosting quarterly PRISM training courses in Houston, Texas. These courses are aimed at helping you get the most out of your PRISM investment as well teaching users the fundamentals if they are new to the software. Remember, you don’t have to be a customer to enroll in our PRISM Training Courses, and don’t forget that we offer PRISM on-site training for teams, too!

Humble Bragging

This has been a thrilling year for Contruent! We were honored to be nominated for multiple awards in project management in 2018, and even more elated to have earned the title of “Winner“.

Contruent 2018 Awards


Contruent attended and hosted more events this year than ever before! We were at huge expos and intimate breakfast seminars across the world in 2018, and we can’t wait to do it again next year!


Our Most Popular 2018 Content

Learning should never end. At Contruent, we strongly believe that gaining knowledge is powerful, and that sharing knowledge is even more powerful still. That’s the main force behind why we periodically publish our project management white papers.

We have been very fortunate to have gotten the chance to not only gain our customers’ business and trust, but to also work with some of them to share a bit of their story and how they’ve been successful with Contruent. We are so proud to be able to share our case studies with our site’s visitors.

Here are our most popular white papers and case studies of 2018:

White Papers

Why Excel is Lining You Up for Failure: This white paper dives into the risks you face when using spreadsheets as your primary project management tool.

The 5 Pillars of Project Controls: This white paper explores the fundamental elements required to deliver a mature, effective and robust project controls capability.

Case Studies

AECOM – Find out how AECOM implemented Contruent to shrink project costs, gain project visibility and make their processes more efficient.

Product Releases

Our software is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers. We released PRISM G2 Version 4.4 in April, and PRISM G2 Version 4.5 was released in October.

PRISM G2 Version 4.4 Key Updates:

  • Re-Design of PRISM Field Management
  • Cash Flow Parameters at Control Account Level
  • Calculate Budget & EAC from Schedule Resources
  • Archive/Restore of Change Management Data
  • Contract & Purchase Order Changes
  • Contract & Purchase Order Navigation Grids
  • Blanket Contract Functionality

PRISM G2 Version 4.5 Key Updates:

  • Administration enhancements, including the ability to create multiple Primavera P6 database connections
  • Enterprise enhancements, including the generation of control accounts both at project and enterprise level change orders
  • Multiple Cost Management updates, including the addition of three new methods for calculating percent complete: M70, MST, & DET
  • Numerous Field Management enhancements and additions, including new Key Commodity and Commodity changes, progressing enhancements and more
  • Contract Management and Procurement module enhancements, including the addition of a Calculate Total Feature to globally calculate contract totals and line item changes
  • Report enhancements, including user-defined report column headers and updates to IPMR/CPR Format 3 and IPMR/CPR Format 5

We are looking forward to taking on the new year with even more vigor and enthusiasm. It’ll be another year before we are able to review 2019, but in the meantime, check out the Top 5 Project Management Mistakes to leave behind in 2018.