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Analyzing S-Curves Using Contruent Software

S-curves can be an incredibly powerful tool in the management of projects. They graphically display cumulative progress information over time and can be used to gain valuable insight into any type of project. The curves provide an intuitive method for the project team and stakeholders to understand how a project is progressing.

AACE International created a Recommended Practice (RP 55R-09) that outlines the use of S-curves in project controls. Within this Recommended Practice, there are three primary types of S-curves outlined:

These curves typically have a time-period that reflects the reporting period for the project (often monthly), but a more detailed weekly or even daily timescale may be useful in specific projects. Two other types of curves are described by the AACE recommended practice including quantity produced and cash flow curves.

Contruent is able to create all of these curves and more following suggested best practices. By creating a graphic representation of vital information, project managers are able to quickly grasp the status of a project and recognizing when things are moving in a negative direction. These S-curves can be viewed in dashboards or produced in Contruent reports for management to review.


Download S-Curve White Paper

We have created a white paper that outlines the AACE Recommended Practice 55R-09 and describes the various S-curves that can be used in the management of projects. The white paper also shows the creation of S-curves in Contruent and the benefits it provides.