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A Year in Review: ARES PRISM 2019


Another great year of helping our customers achieve project management success with ARES PRISM is coming to a close! 

Check out our biggest achievements and proudest moments of 2019!

For Our Customers:

24/7 Customer Support
We launched 24/7 ARES PRISM customer support in 2019! Now, customers can get the support they need even on weekends and holidays. Your projects are precious to you, so they are precious to us!

Online Privacy Compliance
Last year was a big year for online data privacy, and we took steps to fully abide by GDPR policies. Now with the fast-approaching California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) deadline coming up on January 1st, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure compliance.

We continued to host quarterly PRISM training courses in Houston, Texas. These courses are aimed at helping our customers and even potential customers get the best out of their ARES PRISM software investment. They teach attendees the fundamentals of ARES PRISM as well as Cost Management. Be on the lookout for our next 3-day ARES PRISM training course; spaces are limited, so sign up early!

We also offer PRISM on-site training for teams, too; where our trainers come to you and go over various topics and modules in a more tailored manner and in relation to your projects and programs.

Humble Bragging

2019 has been an exciting year for ARES PRISM! We were honored to be nominated for multiple awards in project management, and to be finalists and winners.

ARES PRISM 2019 Awards2019-ares-prism-awards

  • Project Controls Expo UK 2019; Global Award for Project Controls in a Mega Project Finalist
  • Finances Online; Rising Star Award 2019 & Premium Usability Award 2019


ARES PRISM attended and hosted more events this year than ever before! From exhibiting and speaking at major expos to hosting local breakfast seminars and gatherings across the world in 2019. In fact, we broke last year’s record by participating in 36 global events this year!

Check out this geographical breakdown of how many global events we were a part of this year:ares-prism-global-events


Our Most Popular 2019 Content

ares-prism-white-papersWe strongly believe that continuing education and gaining and sharing knowledge is powerful. This is why we publish project management white papers, webinars, and case studies.

Here are our most popular project management content pieces of 2019:

White Papers

Portfolio Management: Is it the Same as Project Management?: This white paper discusses how portfolio management systems and project management systems are, indeed, not the same, and how each system is designed for a different purpose and offers different functionality.

The Golden Thread of Change Management: This white paper explores the importance of having robust change management procedures, processes, and tools on a project. Learn about the five factors of a successful Golden Thread implementation and five benefits of utilizing a robust change management process.

Project Management Maturity: Using Software to Setup Project Management Processes: This white paper discusses how to improve your organization’s project management maturity level, and the processes for setting up your project for success with industry standards.


Integrated Project Controls webinar: This webinar demonstrates the power of integration between PRISM Estimating, PRISM G2 , Schedule (Primavera P6), and PRISM Dashboards. No need for any Excel imports or manual inputs, it is all automated!

PRISM Report Writer webinar: This webinar showcases report writing enhancements available in PRISM G2 Version 4.5 or higher.

PRISM Contracts & Invoice Management webinar: The webinar overviews the PRISM contracts and Invoice Management tool; covering the step-by-step process of awarding contracts, creating invoices for contracts, approving invoices, and invoice payments.

Product Releases

Our software is always evolving to best meet the needs of our customers. We launched PRISM Go in June and Version 4.6 in August.


PRISM Go is our new web-based extension to PRISM G2’s enterprise project controls software, allows remote access into the core data set. View and update project data from anywhere with internet access! PRISM Go lets field members easily update project data in real-time to greatly improve project efficiency and accuracy, as well as increase visibility to management. Download our PRISM Go webinar or datasheet to learn more.



PRISM G2 Version 4.6 Key Updates:

  • Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) hierarchical structure
  • Data warehouse updates for currency updates and faster field finding
  • Change Order and Change Status Enterprise updates
  • Differentiation between original Budget Detail records and new Budget Detail records
  • Field Management has added display totals
  • New list options have been added
  • Dozens of other enhancements were added to the update; customers can view them all in the Customer Community Portal

We are looking forward to taking on the new year and ringing in our 25th ARES PRISM anniversary in 2020!