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Measuring Project Performance With Earned Value Management

May 2018

In the realm of capital construction project management, Earned Value Management (EVM) emerges as a robust methodology, seamlessly integrating cost, scope and schedule. As outlined by the Project Management Institute, EVM serves a dual purpose by objectively measuring project performance and progress while also acting as a crystal ball for forecasting project outcomes. This powerful tool provides valuable insights, taking a proactive approach to identify and address potential challenges.

Functioning as an early warning system, EVM empowers organizations to detect significant cost and schedule variances when only 10 percent of the planned work is completed. Addressing issues at this early stage allows for strategic adjustments, preventing potential chaos in the later stages of projects. Simply put, positive developments should be communicated swiftly, while any adverse news should be communicated even faster.

Furthermore, EVM facilitates a focused approach to project management by enabling the identification of underperforming areas. This approach, known as management by exception, directs energy toward resolving the most pressing issues, ultimately enhancing the likelihood of overall project success. Insights from The Measurable News suggest that this method involves leveraging earned value Cost, Accounting, and Schedule Integration (CASI) to efficiently manage and control strategic projects.

Effective communication among project stakeholders is another critical aspect of EVM. By utilizing EVM, transparency is promoted, addressing important questions regarding work scope, timelines, resources, planned costs and work progress. This transparency is instrumental in fostering effective collaboration and problem-solving within the business context.

To execute EVM effectively, the utilization of project lifecycle management software is critical. Consider Contruent Enterprise, a solution that streamlines the process by enabling the setup of baselines, time-phasing data, performing earned value calculations and more. Leveraging this tool ensures comprehensive insight into project performance and facilitates the generation of powerful reports that offer management a clear direction of the project’s trajectory. In the dynamic landscape of capital construction projects, EVM and tools like Contruent Enterprise prove to be indispensable allies for achieving efficient and successful project outcomes. To learn more, visit