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How Major Industries Are Digitizing Project Management

The ways in which major industries are digitizing their project management varies from one to the next, but they are all shifting over to digital processes and transforming the way their companies operate for the better.

There are many challenges industries are looking to overcome with digitization. Take a look at how organizations in mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and rail, construction and engineering, and energy are digitizing their project management with Contruent.


Digitization in The Mining Industry

Our enterprise project controls software is used by 8 out of 10 of the world’s largest mining organizations. We know the mineral and metal industry well, which means we know the common challenges these organizations face and how to help solve them. From overrun projects, to departmental data silos, and from being an ancient industry (one that has around for more than 43,000 years!), mining has been known to lend itself to having outdated technology in back offices and over-promising feasibility studies. We know mining; we know it’s hardships and challenges, and we know the mining industry’s solutions to problems like these.

See how Contruent solves the following mining organizations’ challenges here.

  • Developing and monitoring feasibility plans
  • Providing live and accurate forecasting
  • Improving standardization and communication
  • Managing contingency and mitigating project risk
  • Measuring Performance
  • Gaining portfolio-level insight for stakeholders


Digitization in The Construction Industry

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firms are faced with stiff competition. They are constantly bidding to projects and need to be able to deliver them on-time and within budget. Many construction and engineering companies use Contruent project management software to help keep their projects on schedule and manage their cost. Contruent knows these firms challenges and how cost management and field management are crucial; it’s why we offer a robust software solution that helps project managers adhere to earned value processes and follow project management best practices and standards.

Learn how Contruent helps EPC organizations solve for:

  • Delivering mega projects on-time and on budget
  • Tracking progress and performance
  • Retaining contingency plans
  • Construction setbacks caused by delays
  • Managing project progress in terms of installed quantities
  • Disintegrated data
  • Communication between contractors, stakeholders and owners


Digitization in The Oil & Gas Industry

More often than not,  Oil, Gas and Chemical industries rely on legacy systems and equipment. Contruent empowers organizations to eliminate reliance on older systems and rely on an innovative, best-in-class software tool.  And if the organization already has other existing software in place, Contruent Connect can seamlessly integrate with countless systems which effectively brings all project-related data into one place.  This streamlines the month-end processes and gives corporations access to real-time information and data, so they can make more accurate decision, decrease manual data entry, and gain more efficient project management.

Contruent is used by many major enterprises in the oil and gas industry because this project controls software resolves challenges like:

  • Time consuming month-end reporting
  • Dependency on contracts to manage and report cost data
  • Ever-increasing complex projects
  • Lack of change management
  • Reliance on numerous spreadsheets
  • Limited transparency and visibility


Digitization in Infrastructure Industry

Infrastructure projects are often very large in scale and can become very complex quickly. Contruent project management software helps rail and infrastructure agencies and organizations manage their projects, programs and portfolios. With Contruent, infrastructure organizations can view data at a portfolio level, or dive into the details at the project level. Track changes, view real-time data, and measure progress and performance in one system that can integrate with the other programs in use.

Contruent is no stranger to rail and infrastructure programs, that’s why Contruent software helps to solve common infrastructure problems like:

  • Managing approvals and changes per period
  • Dealing with project teams who are dispersed in multiple locations
  • Building to increase connectivity, reduce overcrowding & increase capacity
  • Disintegrated cost and schedule


Digitization in The Energy Industry

Utility and nuclear energy organizations are constantly searching for ways to become more efficient. Contruent project controls software helps improve operations by delivering accurate reports quickly, establishing an audit trail, and providing forecasting, cost control, and integration to utility and energy companies.

Energy organizations rely on Contruent software to solve for challenges including:

  • Short time frames for month-end reporting
  • Decentralized data and silos
  • Disconnected, insecure systems
  • Errors from spreadsheets
  • Uncontrolled data and changes
  • Inconsistent processes

No matter what the size or scope of your organization’s program or projects, Contruent can help manage your team manage them more efficiently. Deliver your projects on-time and in budget with Contruent project controls software.