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Transforming Your Business with Executive Dashboards

Data visualization through a powerful executive dashboard tool helps you take business analytics to the next level. Not only are you able to reveal hidden trends and identify risks, but you can also visually display executive dashboards for multiple projects for all team members to easily understand and consume. Instead of working in individual data silos, the data is brought together in a centralized place equipping the management team to make quick, informed, and strategic decisions.



Our PRISM Dashboard is winning over the C-suite by allowing for seamless analysis of data in a simple dashboard environment. With PRISM Dashboard you are able to view your project from a “big picture” perspective, and then drill down into any areas that require deeper analysis.

PRISM Dashboards can transform the way you manage your projects. They help you to:

  • Make more informed business decisions with real-time data
  • Save significant capital costs
  • Spot project trends and identify projects with the greatest risks
  • Easily determine when to take action on ‘suspect’ projects
  • Get a 360 degree view of a project, program or portfolio
  • Eliminate data siloes within the organization
  • Graphically and visually display all your project data

Strategic dashboards like PRISM Dashboard are becoming increasingly popular since they allow executives (who already have limited time) to stop seeking out KPIs in spreadsheet columns and rows, and instead view them (and download them for use in presentations) immediately in a convenient, aesthetic way. Dashboards offer a more efficient and clearer way to view data via charts, graphs, and meters, rather than digging for it. With PRISM Dashboard, you can still dive deeper into data points to further explore them. It allows users to take massive amounts of data and comprehensibly view it in real-time in an easy-to-digest way.

To learn more about PRISM Dashboard, download our brief webinar and datasheet.

prism-dashboard-webinarWatch our on-demand webinar to see how easy it is to view performance indicators, variances, cost performance, and progress across the enterprise with PRISM Dashboard. With its easy-to-use filters, you are able to adjust the dashboard reports by project, reporting periods, cost accounts and more. Whether you want to summarize program data or drill down into each projects control account, PRISM Dashboard has the flexibility you need.