AACE Webinar – What chatgpt can’t do:

Transforming Data Into Actionable Intelligence

What You Will Learn

What does Google and Capital Project Management have in common? More than you think! In partnership with AACE, hear from our CMO, Meghan Russell, who shares data storytelling insights learned during her 12-year career in product development at Google. Karl Vantine, our CCO and long-time industry expert, will delve into three critical elements necessary to get value out of your data.

You’ll learn about:

  • How to organize project data to inform you about budget and schedule impacts
  • Untapped AI in Construction and where it may be headed
  • Guiding decisions to drive better business outcomes


Meghan Russell

Meghan Russell

CMO, Contruent

A media and communications expert and product management leader, Meghan specializes in bringing emerging technologies and trends to market. Schooled in the philosophy of a ‘user-first’ mindset during her 12 years at Google, she believes deeply in building long-term realization of customer value.

Karl Vantine

Karl Vantine

CCO, Contruent

Karl Vantine is one of Contruent’s legacy employees and holds decades of global experience in implementing project controls best practices and adopting new software systems that improve business processes. His deep industry knowledge provides the perspective that makes him an effective Chief Customer Officer.

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