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Project Controls Software for Consulting Companies

Contruent project lifecycle management software is highly useful for owner companies, but did you know that it also provides benefits to consulting companies?

Here are the five reasons consulting companies utilize Contruent project controls software on their projects. 

 1. Quick Deployment

When working with a client, it is important that your project management tool can be set up and deployed quickly regardless of the type or size of project. To do this, you need a tool that can meet a range of client specified tasks without requiring advanced customization. It is also important that the tool is easy-to-use and simple to implement.  Contruent offers straight forward set-up of new projects and does not require customization for each project.

2. Versatility & Flexibility 

Consulting companies tend to work with a wide array of clients, all with different 

needs and requirements. This diversity between projects and clients means that a tool must be able to provide flexibility:

  • Flexible calculations
  • Flexible project setups (large or small) 
  • Flexible enterprise coding structures specific to the project
  • Flexibility in reports you produce
  • Flexible visibility for management

With Contruent, you have a variety of collections at your fingertips like cost, engineering, procurement, contracts and field progressing. You can deploy whichever module is required based on the client’s needs for their project.

3. Easy Reporting

Clients often have specific reporting needs that have to be met or preferences on the amount of detail they want to see. Luckily, Contruent’s built-in standard reports and report writer make it easy to produce meaningful, customized project reports with little effort.

4. Standardized Processes

Life becomes far more complicated when the tools you are using change from client to client. Contruent, however, has the flexibility to be used on all projects. You can begin to develop standardized processes and reports, templates that can be mobilized quickly and a series of client models to enable swift project setup. When processes become standardized, far fewer mistakes are made and the team can work more efficiently using a consistent method to complete tasks. 

5. Data Integrity

Giving a client a report that is riddled with data errors is a sure-fire way to lose them as a customer. When using Excel or other manual data entry tools, it is too easy for data entry or formulas errors to be made. With Contruent’s automatic data imports and integrated approach, using PRISM Integrator, you can be certain that your data will be correct the first time. Contruent also provides a dependable audit trail, so that changes are automatically tracked and everyone is held accountable. Our software solution gives you far more control over project data and far more confidence in it.

To gain more insight into how consulting companies use Contruent, you can download our case study: Centralized Project Controls at Praetorian Construction Management. 

Download Case Study:
Centralized Project Controls at Praetorian Construction Management

This case study shares how Praetorian Construction Management uses Contruent Enterprise to help provide project management services to a wide variety of clients. Contruent gives Praetorian the flexibility they need while also increasing data accuracy, creating useful reports, and improving forecasting and trending.