Project Reporting

Project Reporting 
with Contruent Enterprise

In project management, effective and timely project reporting is essential to the success of a project. Project reporting is the process of gathering and communicating important project information in a simple, standardized format. Project reporting can be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis depending upon the organization’s requirements. It can be used to conduct earned value management, cost analysis, mitigate risk, forecast, and monitor budgets and timelines.


Helpful, ready-to-use
reports within Contruent Enterprise

Here are a few select sample reports that are popular with our customers:

  • Executive Summary. Shows scope of work, schedule performance, cost performance, milestones, accomplishments and concerns.
  • Cost and Comparison Report. Using WBS and Contract/PO Summary, you can see your approved budget, actual budget, ETC, EAC, etc
  • Estimate at Completion (EAC) Analysis Report. Using WBS and Control Account, you can see your budget period, earned period, actual period, SV, CV and percent complete
  • Histograms and S-Curves (and Banana Curves). Performance Histogram and S-Curve; Actuals Histogram and S-Curve; Progress Histogram and S-Curve; Contingency Drawdown Histogram and S-Curve

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Project Reporting Benefits

  • Reduction in time required for month-end reporting
  • Standardization and improved consistency
  • Improvement in project turnaround time
  • Decrease in errors and manual validation
  • More time for high-value-added data analysis
  • Project data is easily accessible
  • Increased accuracy of reports