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Contruent Executive Dashboards

Business intelligence dashboards are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry. More companies are using them to improve project decision-making and analysis. However, not all dashboards are created equal. Discover why Contruent executive dashboards are faster to deliver the visibility you need to make better informed decisions.

Contruent Executive Dashboards are a web-based, executive-grade reporting platform that allows you to bridge the gap between data and decision making.


Ready, Out of the Box

We provide ready, out-of-the-box executive dashboards that are quick to set up and ready to use in a matter of days. They give you access to portfolio and project-specific information with drill down features. Our dashboards bring together a rich knowledge base of reports and information from our project controls experience. Many easy-to-use, pre-configured reports are available and the software comes with a design tool that helps you build and extend your dashboards.

Custom Dashboards

We also provide you with completely customizable dashboards that you can fully tailor by personalizing your corporate identity, terminology and images. Create custom splash screens, home pages, corporate messages, fact sheets, milestones, glossaries and executive summaries. This may take a few months depending on your needs, but the final result is impressive, custom-made dashboards that enable you to visualize your project and portfolio data.


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Contruent Executive Dashboards Benefits

  • Generate precise data insights into key project metrics in seconds.
  • Get granular data instantly to understand project trends and variances.
  • Configure dashboards to present the most valuable information through an intuitive user interface.
  • Aggregate disparate sources of data into a single environment for full visibility of important company data.
  • Show insights and actionable items for performance improvement.
  • Make better informed decisions using up-to-date project data.
  • Accesses project data from any tablet or smart phone