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Announcing our 2022 Project Management Scholarship Winner

ARES PRISM 2022 Project Management Scholarship ARES PRISM is excited to share that we have awarded our annual $1,000 project management scholarship for 2022 to Murray Newell, a Construction Science, and Management student at Clemson University.

This scholarship recognizes outstanding undergraduate and graduate students in the field of project management, construction management, and engineering. Our scholarship committee reviewed all scholarship applications, resulting in the award winner, Murray Newell, and two shortlisted candidates— Cole Rogers, who also attends Clemson University, and Thomas Heigh from Community College of Philadelphia.

Meet the Scholarship Winner

Newell from Lexington, South Carolina is currently a third-year student at Clemson University, where he is pursuing a bachelor’s in construction science and management. His passion for project management came from watching his dad, who as a pastor, needed to be a leader in his field. “Being able to communicate with so many different people and guide them on a path toward success in the construction industry is my ultimate goal,” Newell said, “I’ve enjoyed learning about my career so far and this scholarship will help propel me into my future as a project manager.”

Applicants were asked to provide essays answering how they believe technology has impacted the construction and project management industry and what they think the role of technology in these sectors will look like in the future. Newell’s essay touched on a variety of advancements that thanks to technology in the construction sector have enabled project managers to:

  1. Communicate faster with contractors and clients
  2. Provide more accurate estimates and schedules
  3. Watch projects unfold in real-time, thus ensuring a more accurate product that satisfies the client and helping to prevent wasted time and resources in the process.

It is no secret that the construction industry has been slow in adapting new technologies and Newell understands the importance of embracing change.

“New designs in software and technology will allow project managers to not only conquer some of the main issues that they are dealing with today but thrive under the conditions that make construction difficult in the future.” – Murray Newell

Aside from his essay response, we were extremely impressed by Newell’s academic performance. We wish Murray good luck project management journey, as well as that of current and future students in construction and engineering management.

Meet the Shortlisted Candidates

Cole Rogers from Clemson University and Thomas Heigh from Community College of Philadelphia also stood out among applicants and were named finalists for this scholarship.

During his journey as a Construction Science and Management major, Rogers has had first-hand experience utilizing construction software. He’s aware of how technology has catapulted the success of the industry and changed the way the profession interacts with one another.  He states, “it is essential that project managers be familiar with the software and technology that is at their disposal to assist them with their customers and make them more competitive in the workforce.”

Heigh, who has recently pursued applied science facilities management and construction, discussed how technology has improved processes and allowed for better flexibility in the workplace. He believes there should be a balance between new technology and leveraging the fundamental way of building, “the more experienced a project manager is with construction, the better [they] will be equipped to complete the project on time and under budget.”

ARES PRISM offers this yearly scholarship to support project management students in pursuit of higher education. Construction management, engineering management, and project management students in the United States are encouraged to apply here.


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