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Transforming Raw Data into Actionable Intelligence for More Informed Decision Making

Every mega-construction project is awash in data. There’s a constant torrent of data in a variety of languages from a wide range of sources across project stakeholders, contractors, vendors, suppliers and more.

But raw data by itself, no matter how much there is, has little value. It can’t be read or interpreted, and it can’t be used to drive decisions.

In order to be truly useful, to provide actual value, data needs to be processed, step by step, into intelligence.

Imagine a pile of LEGO blocks, heaped in a random configuration after being dumped out of the box.

Now see the increasing potential value of those blocks as they’re sorted by color and shape and then arranged in rough structures.

That value takes a huge leap forward as the blocks are presented visually in orderly structures; they now begin to deliver useful information.

And finally, once the blocks are integrated and assembled with context, that random heap of LEGOs has been transformed into a concrete object with dimension and scope and scale. It can now be interpreted, understood and shared with others who will see it in the same way.

Seeing the valuable stories within the data

Your project’s data is much more like these LEGO blocks than you might think.

Inside that vast random heap of unsorted and unarranged data are countless valuable stories that can:

  • Inform you when and how changing conditions are impacting your budget and schedule
  • Alert you to opportunities or warn you of impending crises
  • Increase efficiency
  • Guide decisions

But how do you most effectively sort and arrange your data? How can you process the data so it’s presented visually and—finally—tells the stories that can be interpreted and shared and used to inform decisions?

The right project controls software solution can do it for you.


Contruent helps you define the single integrated structure that spans cost and progress, schedule, estimates and contracts so you can plan more effectively and accurately.


Arranging Data


And the powerful ‘Control Center’ engine helps you identify the common integration point so you can more accurately track progress.

Preparing Data for Visual Presentation



Contruent Enterprise delivers the analytic capabilities and dashboards that marshal the data in visualizations that can be interpreted and shared.



Progress and performance can be tracked, costs and schedules can be maintained, decisions can be made with accurate and current information.

Build your project controls story

Contruent capital project management software provides the tools that help you build the project controls story for your mega-construction project, with full functionality right out of the box.


  • Cost-schedule integration—Contruent Enterprise automatically integrates with Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project, so your key platforms are aligned and can communicate for better project performance and reduced project risk.
  • Multi-currency and multi-language approaches—Mega-construction projects often encompass multiple languages and a range of national currencies. Contruent Enterprise makes managing it all simple, accurate and efficient.
  • Full range of earned value progress/performance measures—Get the most accurate picture of progress and performance and identify specific areas that require intervention while they still can be addressed and corrected. Contruent Enterprise is a leading EVM system for construction project management.
  • Configurable coding structures for out-of-the-box functionality—Contruent Enterprise is ready to deploy and deliver right out of the box.
  • Hundreds of pre-configured reports—You’ll find a vast collection of report templates, covering virtually every need, built right into the solution.
  • Change management workflows and review/approval thresholds—Contruent Enterprise allows you to proactively manage change with the most robust change management engine available. All changes are tracked and can be traced back to a single source of truth, reducing risk and optimizing transparency and compliance.

Ready to turn your project’s massive ocean of data into actionable intelligence that helps all stakeholders make informed decisions? Speak to a Contruent professional today.

Unlock the Power of Your Mega-Construction Project Data

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