Case Study

Unified Communication Platform for International Railway Joint Venture


This case study shares how an International Railway Joint Venture set out to find a powerful estimating solution that would also integrate with a project controls system so that they could have one platform of communication. With ARES PRISM, they were able to have estimating, project controls, and planning data all in one centralized location resulting in reduced time to complete tasks from days to hours and consistency in delivery with common coding structures.



  • Three contractors coming in with their own practices and systems
  • Meeting specific client requirements
  • Disintegration between estimating, project controls, planning


Implement an estimating tool that:

  • Fits the estimators requirements
  • Integrates with project control platform
  • Is compatible with BIM models
  • Creates one platform of communication
    Available in the cloud


  • Time savings
  • One platform of communication
  • Consistency in delivery with common coding structures

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“One of the biggest wins and benefits we get from the system is the ability to use BIM models and take-offs to create our builds.”

BIM Integration Manager